About this blog: My blog has no ambition beyond writing a bit about technical topics, a bit about great Photographers and a bit about all other items related to photography that happens to be on my mind.

About me: I’ve been a photog for more than 50 years, for long periods as a professional photojournalist and in the AD business. Education/background from sociology and journalism. Today I am retied. Living in Northern Norway.


About being sorry: I am sorry that all text is in Norwegian only. Great for Norwegians. Bad for You. And as my English is so limited, I would not dare to try to make this blog bi-lingual.

About languages: In November 2016 WordPress, and this blog were blessed with a Google Translate Widget. See top right colomn. Now my humble words can be translated (and maybe understood) in 103 different languages. Even Latin.

About more pics: I have some of my pictures for sale on my other internet site. Please take a look at Infoto. There you can find pics from Northern Norway, mostly from my region.

Thanks for visiting.


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